Tristan signing ‘bird’, he loved to tell his mum about the birds outside.


Thomas signing ‘book’, he really loved books.


Sophie signing ‘drink’, a really useful sign – every child should be taught this one.


Sarah signing ‘sweets’ – an occasional treat!


Jessica signing ‘friend’, a lovely sign to see a child use.


Emily signing ‘crown’, she really thought she was a princess!


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better communication

Teach a child how to communicate with you through baby sign.

Give children a head start in life.

The Babysign Teacher has been running fun short courses for parents and professionals in the Manchester and Cheshire areas since 2010. We teach adults to sign with babies, toddlers and primary school children. We run ‘half day, adult only’ courses and ‘baby comes too’ courses which run for one hour a week over 4 weeks enabling adults to attend the course with their child. All signs taught are British Sign Language and are compatible with the MAKATON signing system. Children can learn to sign from around 6 months old.  Signing benefits all children, not just those with a speech, hearing or language difficulty. Research has proven that ‘adding signs to a child’s repertoire not only leads to better communication, it also speeds up the process of learning to talk, stimulates intellectual development, enhances self esteem and strengthens the bond between adult and child’*

*research carried out by Linda Acredolo Professor of Psychology and Susan Goodwyn Professor of Psychology and Child Development.